I am Saskia – a photographer based in Vienna, Austria.

I am in my twenties and I live my life as a student, entrepreneur, photographer and artist. A few years ago I moved to Vienna and I fell in love with this beautiful city. Life has changed a lot in the last couple of years and it has given me so many great opportunities. I am grateful for the life I live and the nature that surrounds me. That is why I try to take care about the environment and myself as much as possible. Always be kind and love yourself!

Besides my studies at University I work as a portrait and fashion photographer. Currently I work with natural light only and focus on a decent, feminin and natural look. For my images I tend to look out for nature surroundings or clean light backgrounds. I shoot weddings too, so if you are interested in my wedding work please feel free to check out my photography website: www.wewillweddings.com

In 2012 I started my photography diary blog called A PICTORIAL JOURNEY. Ever since I have been sharing my photo shoots with the online world.

Here is the place where I share my stories and adventures with you. Life can be so beautiful and is way too short to not be written down and captured in pictures to be treasured forever.

Lots of love and peace,




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(Picture by my dear friend Amina)