In England we spent some wonderful time at the east coast, going for walks on the beach, exploring magical towns, having way too much delicious english food and watching the most beautiful sunsets.

On our first day in England we had an early start and drove to Canterbury, my favourite town in Kent. There we had a vegetarian english breakfast, walked around the town listening to my Papa’s stories about its history and returned home in the afternoon to have some belgian buns with coffee and watch the sun go down. A few days later D and I returned to Canterbury to meet up with beautiful Amelia who I did a photo shoot with two years ago. I was so happy to meet her again as she is such a lovely young woman.

The following days D and I enjoyed waking up to the sound of seagulls, listening to the ocean and being tickled by the sun rising above the sea. The fresh air made us feel wide awake, ready for a walk near the sea.

One day we made our way to Margate to visit the reopened Dreamland – a retro funpark. Unfortunately it was closed and so we wandered through the town to have a look at different vintage shops. Not only the names of the shops are really quirky also the things they sell are very special.

Once we walked down to the beach in the early morning when the tide was still out. We wandered along the water to an amazing arch which offered a wonderful location to take some pictures for an art project I was working on at that time. The wind was strong and cool but still the sun was so intensivly shining down on our bodies we felt dizzy after our two hour walk beside the water. We had a nap in the afternoon and spent the rest of our day relaxing at home and having more delicious english food in the evening.

On our last day in Kent we went to the Emporium in Ramsgate which is a huge hall filled with all kind of vintage stuff. Clothes, furnitures, jewellery, dolls, bags, even old cameras. From above it looked like a huge maze and indeed it is easy to get lost among all these objects dressed in history. It is the place to go for all you vintage lovers out there.

I have been to England so many times. Once I even lived here when I still was a child. And everytime I come here there is something new to explore. There is so much history about my family here and so much I don’t know yet. Our trip through Europe with my dear D revealed hidden dreams and future plans which left us in excitement and impatience for these adventures to happen. Travelling the world and living day by day in a different city, meeting new friends all over the planet and capturing the big and little moments with my camera would be the most amazing journey to experience.

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