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Stockholm is a place I left a piece of my heart at. I felt at home the first minute I set foot onto that beautiful city.

On Saturday 3th September we woke up at three o’clock in the morning – only four hours before we had finished packing our bags and got ready for the upcoming adventure. We waited outside until we got picked up. It was cold outside. Summer had left just a few days ago. As we travelled to the airport we let nightlife pass by and watched people wander home from a night out.

The aeroplane was very small and only half full. We received breakfast and coffee on board and listened to music. I watched little ice crystals forming artistic shapes and sizes on the surface of the window. The first time in weeks I felt relaxed again. I was so happy that we finally had booked these tickets and to be on that plane at that moment on the way to a country I have never been before but dreamt to visit for years. Stockholm would be the first stop on our little European tour. D and I were on our way to a new adventure. We arrived in Stockholm flying over the city with heavy clouds in the sky giving the woods and fields beneath the most beautiful colours. The green of the woods looked like the most beautiful shade I would love to add to my pictures when editing on the computer.

The first day we wandered through Södermalm and did a little shopping tour. I found myself a beautiful swedish raincoat that I needed desperately as it was raining most of the time. We had a coffee and cake at a sweet little vintage café.

On Sunday we had a lie in till midday. In the afternoon we made our way to meet one of my biggest inspirations. I finally got to know Nirrimi at her Plant Love Picnic she hosted in Vitabergsparken and it felt like a dream.

The next day D and I headed into the city to finally do some typical tourist sightseeing in the old town. The weather was sunny and we enjoyed the warmth of the sunbeams that tickled our skin. We wandered through the streets and explored different parts of Stockholm. We had a veggie wrap while enjoying the view over the river. In the evening we met up with a gorgeous couple. I met Maja at the picnic the day before and we found our sense of humor to be the same instantly. We then decided to have dinner together. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Niklas who is a wedding photographer as well. We had a lovely veggie indian meal in a restaurant in Söldermalm and talked about our plans, dreams and passions. They told us stories about their travels around the world and enhanced our desire to wander. It was so lovely to be spending time with this cute swedish couple and I cannot wait to meet them again someday soon.

Stockholm let us feel at home as soon as we landed at the airport and travelled into the centre. The time we spent there was wonderful concerning every aspect. We felt like tourists at first but explored the city like we have never lived anywhere else from the second day. We had coffee and cake in a sweet vintage Café in Södermalm feeling like inhabitants and went out at night with friends we met the day before. We wandered through Södermalm a lot and collected so much inspiration from the swedish style. I found Stockholm to be a little bit like Vienna and maybe that is why I like it so much. I will miss this city a lot.

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