This too shall pass

Being open about personal issues such as depression or chronic illnesses on social media leads into being even more vulnerable and at the same time it draws us all into deeper connection with each other and ourselves. Knowing to not being alone with our issues gifts us with more strength and courage to cope with everyday life.

After a couple of years of really hard times but also working so much on getting better I am in a place now where I never thought I could be. I feel healthy, strong and calm. Anxiety still pops up sometimes, especially when I am in the city. But over the years I have learned how to cope with it and how to take care of myself in moments I would simply want to run away. Migraines still stop me from doing things I love, but finally I do not beat myself up anymore when I have to cancel plans or let down friends. I know real friends understand and will be there even if I cancel plans three times in a row because I am not well. So THANK YOU to all that stick around. I love you!

Luckily I am mostly in control of my attacks at the moment due to taking it slow, moving my body, breathing, not planning too much, saying „no“ more often, doing what I love and also medication. I know it is still a long way to go and there may still be times that might hit me really bad. But all in all I know that everything passes.

Wether you are having a really horrible day, week or month… wether you are heartbroken or in grief… know that this too shall pass. Even if it is hard to believe in the middle of a crisis - it is law that everything, no matter what, will pass and change will come eventually. You are loved.

Photo by Maximilian Salzer

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