The day we arrived in Berlin we explored the city at night. We checked in at our Airbnb apartment just before midnight. Tired and exhausted we put down our bags, checked the cute appartement and sat down to relax. We were hungry so we went out to grab a snack at a nearby “Späti”. Unfortunately it closed the minute we arrived. We walked along the street passing a snack bar and grabbed a veggie kebab. Suddenly we were wide awake and took the tram to Alexanderplatz. The night turned into a little sightseeing tour before we caught the last train back to our place. The sky was clear and the moon stood low and shined in a wonderful golden colour.

Berlin spoilt us with delicious foods. The next morning we had a berry smoothie bowl for breakfast, a green smoothie, raw chocolate truffels and brownies during the day and finally raw red curry and an awesome raw dinner plate in the evening. All these foods made it so hard for me to wait until I would be back home, reunited with my processor and ready to create all these meals myself. After having (fish)&chips way to often in England, feeling tired after each meal I really noticed a huge difference. It is so amazing how fit and light you feel if you have raw fruit and vegetable meals. You feel so satisfied and strong.

In the evening I put up a little home office in the Airbnb apartment and started to edit my last wedding while Dominik went out to see his friends who had recently moved to Berlin. Just after midnight, as I was half way through the images, I joined them. We met up at their place at first and then wandered to a bar nearby where we had conversations about how different places change people. I think it is so important to sometimes leave your comfort zone to explore new things and in the end find out more about yourself. With each step you take out of your comfort zone you get stronger and stronger.

As we only stayed two nights in Berlin, the next day all we did was packing and travelling back to the airport. On our way to Vienna we reviewed our memories of the exciting trip we enjoyed for the last two weeks. I was surprised how much new input I received and how much inspiration I gained from only leaving my home and see new countries. I am so thankful for the adventure I was to experience on our little European tour.

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