I will never forget the day I first met Dominik. It’s been five years since I fell in love at first sight. We met at a ball in our hometown in Tyrol. While dancing (our first ever dance) we got to know each other. We spent that night having a drink or two, talking about our lifes, dancing and finally walking home as it started to snow for the first time that year.

Five years we have been spending together as a dream team, as best friends and lovers. We have been through the highest highs and some terrible lows but here we are together as the most happiest couple and I am so grateful to have this amazing human being by my side.

It is true – a relationship is like a roller coaster taking you up and down and up again. You never know what life brings you but you know that there is someone there for you always. If you love someone, you know it from the bottom of your heart. I love my dear lover so much and have never ever doubted it.

Without him I would not be who I am.
Without him life would not be as beautiful as it is now.
With him everything is wonderful.
With him I feel the strongest version of myself.

Thank you dearest D.


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