Twenty Four

I lost myself in a moment that made life feel like it stood still. Or maybe it was me and my inner world that stood still for a few seconds. It felt like it was way longer. I found myself caught up in my thoughts while looking through my camera searching for the right angle. As time stood still, any noise that surrounded me moved away from me more and more until there was no sound at all. I guess it felt like being out of space. Out of reality. Away from the real life. I can’t remember exactly what my thoughts were about. And even if I did they were so special I would want them to be kept safe within my head. For sure it was about human beings and special connections. As I stood still, completely lost, hiding behind my camera, people would run around, laugh and cheer for the party. I wonder if anyone realized where I was. If anyone did, then only because, they feel the same way some times. Life is good. Then I woke up and realized I was gone. I pressed the button and it clicked. Another picture was taken and life went on as though nothing ever happened on the inside.


Photo by Stellamina

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